Welcome to Chateaux Avenue
Welcome to Châteaux Avenue
mai 17, 2016
Easter in a French Castle
Easter in a French Castle
novembre 1, 2016

Seminars in the Castle

Seminars in the castle

Seminars in the Castle

Seminars in the Castle

Absolute guarantee of having one of our houses exclusively for you, the first to the last day.
During a seminars, the house belongs to you completely, it is yours, that of your company.
This exclusivity also allows you the utmost discretion for your strategic meetings (fun activity in the day workers Very important).
Adapted and flexible meals

Relaxation – exchange – creativity – dedicated to the wellbeing of your participants

Your seminars

Country Mansions  and calm for your meetings, seminars, training and events like “home sweet home” in a unique atmosphere for the success of your goals

Our castles

These are not hotels but large houses often in the counryside, away from the noise of the city. They have the advantage of being exotic all while being easy to access! A chef for your meals and snacks spaces for communication and exchange, places of work and reflection.

Most important: in our homes, you are not received by the hotel staff but welcomed by the lord and our team!

Feeling at home

Our dream: to offer each participant the opportunity to enjoy a fully dedicated environment at work, reflection and relaxation in an atmosphere that allows him to feel